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Molesey Air Conditioning provides a prompt, reliable and affordable maintenance service to all leading brands of air conditioners across Surrey and surrounding areas. This is available as a regular planned or one-off service. Prices start from £41.00 + VAT or a no obligation FREE quote is available for multiple units.

Why is it important to maintain your air conditioner?

Regular maintenance of any type of mechanical equipment is extremely important. Just the same as servicing your car, maintenance will help prevent the unfortunate likelihood of your air conditioner going wrong. It will reduce the energy consumption, saving you on the cost of electricity and also prolonging the life expectancy of the equipment.

What can I expect from a Preventative Maintenance service?

An experienced engineer will attend your home or business and carry out the following scope of works:

  • Return air filter wash and clean
  • Condensate drain flush and check
  • Condensate pump operation test (when installed)
  • Testing of mechanical components (compressor, fan motor/s etc)
  • Full heating and cooling system test
  • Refrigerant circuit check
  • Supply and return air temperature check
  • F-GAS refrigerant leak check and certificate (when required)
  • Full report on condition and performance

How to breath healthy clean air?

Air conditioners make the perfect breeding grounds for airborne contaminants when not regularly sanitised. These micro-contaminants  such as mold, fungi and bacteria bypass the filter and begin to breed in the moist conditions of the air conditioner. Untreated, this circulates throughout you home and business affecting Asthma and allergy sufferers, children and the sick.

Molesey Air Conditioning offers a sanitisation service which will not only provide you with clean heathy air, but includes a 12-month anti-mold protection.

This is available as a regular planned or one-off service and can be an addition to your preventative maintenance.

Further information can be found on our sanitisation page.