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There are many air conditioning brands on the market today, so which one should you choose?

Molesey Air Conditioning recomends Fujitsu Air Conditioning for its High Efficency, Compact Design, Silent Operation and Great Value for Money. Prices start from £1,230 + VAT supplied, installed with Lifetime Warranty. Call now for a no obligation FREE quote.

Government Energy-Saving Scheme (5% VAT)

Home air conditioning (Heat Pumps) has never been more affordable then now, thanks to Government Energy-Saving Scheme. You can now heat and cool your home and only pay 5% VAT on the equipment and installation. This along with energy savings of up to 50% compared to other forms of heating, make heat pump air conditioning the most cost efficient way of heating and cooling your home, giving you all year-round comfort.

Lifetime Warranty*

Molesey Air Conditioning offers a Lifetime Warranty by providing high quality materials and workmnaship, along with Fujitsu, the world's leading air conditioning manufacture.

Our Lifetime Warranty applies to residential customers only, includes parts and labour to both the air conditioner and installation, subject to our Annual Maintenance Service (AMS).

Did you know?

Compared to traditional forms of providing heating, heat pump air conditioning can save you up to 50% on your heating bills with the added bonus of providing you with cooling in summer.

So what type of air conditioner is best for you?

There are lots of brands on the market offering several different types of units to suit many applications. So what type of air conditioner is best suited to you?

Regardless of the brand or type of air conditioner, they will all offer the same futures:

Heating, Cooling, Dehumidify and Recirculation

The main difference is the type of air conditioner. The most common is the air source heat pump system. This consists of one or more indoor units connected to an outdoor unit via refrigerant pipes.

Indoor units (Evaporator)

These are available in several different styles,

Wall mounted, Floor mounted, Ceiling mounted or even Concealed units within a ceiling space. These units are available in different capacity’s depending on application and are designed to achieve the same results. 

Your application will determine the style of unit which is best suited. If you have wall space available, then wall mounted units are generally the most cost efficient option and are ideal for single rooms. Though if you were looking to air condition multiple rooms such as offices and had nowhere to install indoor units, then a ducted unit concealed within the ceiling space would be a good option. This would simply condition each room via air diffusers installed in the ceiling. 

Outdoor units (Condensor)

These are available as a single unit, multiple unit or as a VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume)

The single split system is the most cost efficient way to provide heating and cooling. This consists of one indoor and outdoor unit and are mass produced on a huge scale, therefore making them very affordable especially for homes. Multi split systems are a great way to heat or cool more than one room and where outdoor space is limited. Depending on brand, you can have up to ten indoor units connected to only one outdoor unit. The VRV system is a larger version of the multi split system and are most commonly found in large commercial applications such as offices. This system can be installed with up to 60 indoor units again connected to only one outdoor unit.

No obligation, FREE quotation

To ensure performance and efficiency, it is extremely important to install the correct size unit for the application. A member of our friendly installation team can attend you home or business, discuss the best options with you and then provide you with a no obligation free quotation.

Maintaining your new air conditioner

Regular maintenance of any type of mechanical equipment is extremely important. Just the same as servicing your car, maintenance will help prevent the possibility of your air conditioner going wrong. It will reduce the energy consumption, saving you on the cost of electricity and also prolonging the life expectancy of the equipment.

Further information can be found on our Annual Maintenance page.